SVS No. 02 Code of Ethics


Issued by Valuation Standards Committee in Taiwan on 13 August ,2008


This Statement is based on SVS No. 01 Summary of Valuation Standards. It establishes code of ethics for valuers to follow. This Statement includes:

  • Definition: explanations for defined terms in this Statement, such as valuation and valuation approaches.
  • General code of ethics: ethical requirements that valuers should apply in most circumstances, including assessment of independence and related description, prohibition of contingent fee.
  • Code of ethics when accepting an engagement: the requisite criteria for a valuer when accepting a valuation engagement and related disclosure requirements, such as confidentiality agreement, unfairly advantage and prohibition of misleading advertising or solicitation.
  • Code of ethics when performing valuation work and reporting valuation results: due professional care during valuation processes, matters that should keep clients informed.

Effective date

This Statement is effective from 1 September, 2008.

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