SVS No. 03 Valuation Report


Issued by Valuation Standards Committee in Taiwan on 21 August ,2009


This Statement is based on the reporting standards of SVS No. 01 Summary of Valuation Standards, and its objective is to require the type and contents of valuation report. This Statement deals with the following:

  • Definition: explanations for defined terms in this Statements, such as valuation report, standard of value and premise of value.
  • General standards: the criteria for issuing a report, the type and presentation of a valuation report. The two types of written reports that a valuer may use to communicate the results of an engagement are: detailed report and summary report. The determination of whether to prepare a detailed report or a summary report is based on the level of reporting detail agreed to by the valuer and the client.
  • Contents of valuation report: the main items required to be contained in the valuation report, including the cover, abstract, valuers’ statements, table of contents and text. Valuers may also present appendices and exhibits, if applicable.
  • The explanation of main items of the text: further descriptions of the items that should be included in the text, such as sources of information applied, valuation adjustments, valuation analysis of different approaches and conclusion of value.

Effective date

This Statement is effective from 15 October, 2009.

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