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List of Board of Directors
The Board of Directors and Consultants
Position Name Current Occupation
Chairman Doris Yi Hsin Wang Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taipei University
Standing Director Louise Ju-Yu. Wu Secretary General, Accounting Research and Development Foundation
Standing Director Atlan Hsu Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Standing Director Chia-Chun Kuo Deputy Director-General, Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
Standing Director Txu-Mei Hsu Director-General, Taxation Administration, Ministry of Finance
Standing Director Chun-Bin Liu Deputy Director, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
Standing Director Wen-Fang Fu Partner, Ernst & Young
Standing Director Allan Yu Partner, KPMG
Standing Director Chun-Hung Chen Chairman, Taiwan Securities Association
Standing Director Yih-Ray Huang Chairperson of the Board, National Federation of Certified Public Accountants Association of the R.O.C.
Standing Director Sheng-Chang Liu Partner, C.H. Chang of Co. Certified Public Accountants
Standing Director Chi-Chun Liu Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University
Standing Director Lih-Chung Chien Senior Executive Vice President, Taiwan Stock Exchange
Board Member Jeff Chen Partner, KPMG
Board Member Guo-En Wen Deputy Secretary, Bankers Association of the Republic of China
Board Member Ai-Ling Lee Managing Director & CEO,Taipei Exchange (GreTai Securities Market)
Board Member Jin-Chang Lee Assistant Auditor General & Director, The Fourth Bureau, National Audit Office
Board Member Joseph Chou Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Board Member Chan-Jane Lin Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University
Board Member Jason Ke Partner, Deloitte & Touche
Board Member Chun-zong Li Chairman of the Board, Kaohsiung Certified Public Assountants Association
Board Member Zhi-Guang Chen Chairperson of the Board, Taipei Certified Public Accountants Association
Board Member Wen-Lin Chuang Senior Executive Officer, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Board Member Bi-Lan Hsu Commissionor and Dircctor, Department of Accounting and Financial Reporting, DGBAS, Executive Yuan
Board Member Yong-Cheng Yang Chairperson of the Board, Taiwan Certified Public Accountants Association
Consultant Pao-Kuei Chu Senior Certified Public Accountant
Consultant Tang-Chieh Wu Secretary General, Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable
Consultant Chung-Pei Lee General manager, Taiwan Cement Corporation
Consultant Joseph Hung Professor, Institute of Technology Management, National Chiao Tung University
Consultant Michael Chang Senior Certified Public Accountant
Consultant Thomas M. F. Yeh Advisor, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce
Consultant Ting-Wong Cheng Professor, Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University